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Abstract Reasoning app is launched on Android !!!

The famous Abstract Reasoning mobile app for iPhone and iPad is now finally available also in Google Play store for Android mobile devices !!!

Check-out the Christmas discounts and test your reasoning during the holidays :)



New Roaming falling charges !!!

Using a smartphone while travelling in the European Union became cheaper this week with the introduction of new cost caps on internet usage and calls.

From July 1, the cost of going online while abroad has more than halved, with the maximum price for downloading one megabyte (MB) of data – equivalent to a two-minute video clip – falling from €0.45 to €0.20.


The new Barroso could be ...

For the next president of the European Commission, the European Council has proposed today, 27 June, Jean-Claude Juncker, one of the European candidates designated by the European parties during the elections campaign. The Parliament will vote on his candidacy during the plenary session on 14-17 July. 

President Barroso declared: let me begin by expressing on my own behalf and on behalf of the European Commission my congratulations to Jean-Claude Juncker on his nomination by the European Council as President-designate. I have known Jean-Claude Juncker for more than 20 years. We have been working in very many capacities together and I really believe that he is committed European and a political leader with exceptional experience. Myself and the Commission will do everything possible in the coming months to assure a smooth transition between this Commission and the next one.

The road to the new Commission begins...


I have finally the right to be forgotten in Google!!!

Google a facut primul pas in vederea conformarii cu hotararea Curtii de Justitie a UE si a pus la dispozitia tuturor un formular prin care pot solicita eliminarea continutului irelevant sau inadecvat din rezultatele afisate la cautare.

Read this post: 

O decizie recentă a Curții de Justiție a Uniunii Europene stabilit că anumiți utilizatori pot solicita ca motoarele de căutare să elimine rezultatele pentru interogările care le includ numele, atunci când rezultatele respective sunt inadecvate, irelevante sau nu mai sunt relevante ori sunt excesive în raport cu scopurile pentru care au fost procesate.

Larry Page, seful companiei, spune ca decizia va afecta start-up-urile care vor sa se dezvolte si va ajuta guvernele represive sa limiteze dreptul la exprimare. El spune insa ca Google va privi lucrurile si din perspectiva europenilor si se va dezbate mult pe subiect.

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EU cu cine votez? European elections 22-25 May 2014 (for dummies)

This time is different? Your vote counts!!! How come?
because based on our votes it will be decided the president of the European Commission!

Under the slogan "Act. React.Impact" you can find all the details on the official website:

If you are in doubt (eg. eu cu cine votez?) there is an online tool that will help you to decide: MyVote2014. It's an ingeniuos calculator that will help you to find the party that best represent you by proposing 15 questions (that were already debated in the European Parliament in the last 4 years) and by matching your answers to the political positions of the MEPs and of the european political parties. 
Try this tool, it's great!

This is what you need to know:

  • 32 Romanian MEPs need to be elected in 2014
  • we need to vote on Sunday 25 May 2014, anywhere in Europe! 
  • we vote the national party of our choice
  • the national distribution of votes per party will determine the number of parliamentary from each Romanian party to become european MEP
  • at european level, the votes of each party are aggregated based on the political family the parties belong and the party or the alliance that has majority proposes the new President of the European Commission!!!
  • Principalii candidati la sefia Comisiei Europene: Jean-Claude Juncker (gruparea de centru-dreapta), Martin Schulz (socialistii), Guy Verhofstadt (liberalii) si Jose Bove (verzii)
  • who are the Romanian candidates and the parties
  • Who are the most active MEP (see the activity report)
  • Where you can vote in Bruxelles
  • the Romanian electoral law
deci, hai la vot, neamule'


Dragomirna Church, Romania - 2014 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage Grand Prix WINNER !!!

The winners of the 2014 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage have been presented with their awards for excellence in conservation and heritage-related work.

From among 160 entries, panels of experts picked 6 projects as Grand Prix winners:
Each of the winners received a trophy at the Vienna ceremony on 5 May, presented by opera tenor Plácido Domingo, president of Europa Nostra. The Grand Prix winners were also awarded €10 000 each.

Commission proposes €3.6 million to help 1 000 redundant workers in Romanian steel industry

The European Commission has proposed to provide Romania with €3.6 million from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to help 1 000 former workers of the steel products manufacturer SC Mechel Campia Turzii SA and the downstream producer SC Mechel Reparatii Targoviste SRL to find new jobs. The proposal now goes to the European Parliament and the EU's Council of Ministers for approval.
EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor commented: "The manufacture of finished and semi-finished steel products in the EU has been seriously disrupted due to intensified competition from countries outside the EU, particularly China. Today's proposal would help to prepare some 1 000 former steelworkers from the Cluj region in Romania for new job opportunities or to set up their own businesses".

Romania applied for support from the EGF following the dismissal of more than 1 500 workers in Mechel Campia Turzii and in Mechel Reparatii Targoviste in Romania. The dismissals were the result of increased competition from steel products manufacturers elsewhere in the world.

More details on EGF website.